Still, some hope

    I’ll close today’s posts with a message of hope:

    We’re still alive, We’re still alive.  Ask Eric Byrnes when the last time a team came back from being down 0-2 in a Division Series…  In fact, he could tell you the last two times its happened: 2003 A’s vs. Red Sox (touch home, then shove Varitek, not the other way around) and 2001 A’s vs. Yanks.

    Now I’m not saying Byrnes is the reason for any of this, because a lot happened in those series that had nothing to do with him.  I was just using his participation in those series as a hook to explain that coming back from an 0-2 deficit is a common enough occurrence that a player on the opposing team could have been through it twice.

    For the record, Ted Lilly started game 3 for the A’s in 2003, the game in which Byrnes is remembered for getting tagged out on his way back to the dugout. 




    To all us stupid Cub fans,

    To sit here and watch this **** team basically **** in there panties and look like little leaguers. Its a dirty rotten shame what the Cubs do to us each and every year. After this fan and many more pay good money and pour our hearts out for this team. And all they do is **** in there panties and get swept and look pathetic with little or no fight in them. I say fire the whole **** team. and start all over. This team is a disgrace.


    The Chicago Cubs are nothing more than real loosers. Websters Dictionary is thinking aboar putting a picture of the Cubs next to the word looser. The Cubs ****. And this year they have put real meaning into it.
    (Well at least the Chicago White Sox won a World Series, Thank God)

    Steve R


    Congradulations Cubs You did it again 99 years and counting since you won a World Series. You haven’t even been in one since 1945. You have a good manager now, I’m sure he will eventually get you there.

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