It didn’t happen

    Well, what can I say about last night?  I had my parents over, my brother and his wife and son, to watch the game.  It was hard to watch, it started out bad and progressively got worse.  Near the end of the game, when my little one year old boy wanted to play, how could I refuse?  So, with the game playing out in the background, I made the smart choice and played with my son.  To **** with the Cubs.

    All in all, though, on the hurt-o-meter, this ranks somewhat low, probably similar to 1998 hurt.  I mean, I thought they could go all the way this year, but in 2003, I knew they would.  I believed it.  But these 2007 Cubs, for which we had such high expectations, were also the same guys that struggled to win close games, and struggled in extra innings.  They were a team that seemed among the best in baseball at times, yet they could just as easily be swept by Florida in the last week of the season with the division on the line.  I should have known better, being swept by Florida a week before the playoffs is a bad indicator.

     So I’ll close here, with a favorite quote, origin unknown…  "We’ll win next year!"



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    Ya know, there’s a lot of Cub’s fans out here and we’re not all in Chicago. But that doesn’t matter…. Anyway, while none of us might say it out loud or even admit it to ourselves, there comes a point when you just want to throw up your hands and say “enough!” There is no “next year.” There is only one thing the Cubs are good at and that is to never fail to disappoint their fans year after year, season after season. It’s like trying to teach a kid to ride a bike and they fall off for years upon years ad infinitum. Is anybody else sick of it?

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