Good Comment

    This was a good comment I received yesterday, and I thought it’d be a good topic starter.

know, there’s a lot of Cub’s fans out here and we’re not all in
Chicago. But that doesn’t matter…. Anyway, while none of us might say
it out loud or even admit it to ourselves, there comes a point when you
just want to throw up your hands and say "enough!" There is no "next
year." There is only one thing the Cubs are good at and that is to
never fail to disappoint their fans year after year, season after
season. It’s like trying to teach a kid to ride a bike and they fall
off for years upon years ad infinitum. Is anybody else sick of it?

    My reply:

    I hear you, we’re all sick of it.  You really have to be an optimist to be a Cub fan…  But its like your analogy of teaching your kid to ride a bike, you can’t give up because its your kid, and deep down inside, you believe you can eventually teach him.  Some of it is stubbornness, some of it is pride, and some of it is the realization that even if you tried, no other team would matter this much to you anyways.
    I get frustrated too, and I’ve seen people who get to that point where they’ve had it and they stop following baseball, period.  They don’t ever change teams, they just stop going to games, and stop watching.  They’re the ones who show great knowledge of teams of the 80s, almost as if they’re frozen in time, but they couldn’t name more than five players today. They may come back when the team is good, but its not much more than a passing interest…
     I’m too much of a baseball fan in general for that to happen to me, but I’ve seen it happen to others.  Its the burnout of wasted mental and emotional energy, only to lead to the inevitable conclusion of another wasted season.
    All I can say is keep the faith and don’t let it get to you.  The winter months are cold and cruel, but eventually spring comes, and with it, all the optimism returns as well.  Most Cubs fans never leave because we know that eventually it will happen, and we don’t want to miss it.  Eventually, it will happen, but in whose lifetime is anyone’s guess.




    It’s really hard for me to hear that this season was a waste. We came from last to first in just one season. That’s an accomplishment that we should be proud of. Yes, I was very disappointed when we lost (especially since I had tickets for Game 4), but we have a lot to look forward to next year. I will never give up hope and yes I believe I will see a World Series in my lifetime!! I love my Cubbies and nothing can change that!!!!!!!

    GO CUBS GO!!!!!!!!!!

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