I had originally thought that if Boston wanted to fully take advantage of Colorado’s rustiness, you start Wakefield in game one.  Think about that.  You don’t see live pitching in eight days, then you see a knuckler in game one, followed by Beckett’s power assortment.
    The more I thought about it, it made more sense…  You’d probably want to avoid using a knuckeballer in Colorado in games 3-4-5, because it might not dance as well in that thin air. I’m aware that starting Wake in game 1 means he starts game 5 in COL, but depending on how the series goes, you could bring Beckett back on short rest in game 5 and keep Wake for game 6 at Fenway.
    Wakefield also pitched a gem this season against Colorado, and eight inning effort giving up one run on four hits, at Fenway.  Schilling was rocked for five runs in five innings then next day, followed by Beckett’s six runs in five innings.
    Just some food for thought, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get Wake two starts.  As of right now, Boston is listing Beckett for game one, TBA the rest of the way…  Could that mean Wake in games two and six?  Stay tuned.


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