Wrong Again

    So, I was wrong again in my picks…  I didn’t have time to post to explain why I picked Cleveland, it was more of a hunch, and the fact that I felt that after the Beckett-Sabbathia pitching matchup in games one and five, I felt Cleveland had the edge in starting pitching…  But Carmona was disappointing, to be kind, and once the Red Sox bats got hot, there wasn’t any stopping them.  So you live and learn, and move on with your picks.

    The Rockies are a great story, something to really treasure, but it ends here.  The eight day layoff will do more to cool the Rockies than the Red Sox could, but even without the layoff, I’d pick Boston here.  While the Rox swept through the playoffs, they weren’t exactly beating the Big Red Machine.  While the NL will rise again (the process is already rolling) the AL remains the more powerful league.  Red Sox in five.


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