About nextyearcubs

Well, I guess I’ll give this blog thing a
try, I’ve never done this type of thing before, but I like to
write, and talking is also a strong suit, so what the heck?
I’d like this blog not just to be about the Cubs, but also
about baseball in general, even though the Cubs are the only
team I really care about, I follow all of MLB, you kind of
have to if you’d like to watch October baseball most years,
sad as it may be…. And while I may fit the optimistic label
the media has placed on Cub fans, I’m also sarcastic about
them, you kind of have to be… My Cubs history the standard
“watched them after school and all summer as a child, thank
you WGN, yadda yadda.” I don’t come from a family of Cub
fans, or even sports fans, really, but I was drawn to them as
a child and I’ve never been the same, or sane for that
matter, ever since. I’m in my late 20s, so the
Sandberg/Grace/Dawson/Maddux Cubs are my idealized childhood
faves. As an adult, though, it really took a hold on me and
Wrigley became a place I couldn’t stay away from, not even if
I tried. I proposed to my wife there, and our first day as a
married couple was spent four rows behind the Cubs dugout,
before the honeymoon and everything. Oh, yeah, and there was
a giant backdrop of Wrigley behind the head table at our
wedding, and instead of giving people candles or whatever
people give out at weddings for party favors, we gave out
peanuts and cracker jack… So needless to say, its a
terminal case we’re talkin’ here.